German Online Education

Instead of rote language training methods, we offer years of online German language training in a ‘tailor-made’ style that addresses the participants’ German learning goals and language skills. Our academic staff consists of international instructors who speak German as a first language and are also professionals in teaching German. In our online courses, we offer a much more efficient educational experience than face-to-face classes. Because we use content and methods that are appropriate for today’s technology and for our understanding of the German language. Our online German lessons are with you both as private lessons and group lessons!

We offer a private German language education that saves you time and enables you to achieve your goals and enables you to grasp both the structure of German and to assimilate it as a language by experiencing German in written, spoken and auditory form. We also offer online German lessons for exam preparation. And how do we do that?

Instructor Quality

Instructors who come from the German school, have experience in teaching in the field they teach, and have native German language skills

Academic Tracking

Your training program is prepared with a focus on our development, monitored and updated when necessary.

Training Materials

We use German as a foreign language education sets from well-established and innovative publishing houses as well as specially created course materials. We also offer auxiliary materials for areas such as grammar and speaking.

Uncrowded classrooms

We offer one-on-one private lessons or group trainings for a maximum of 4-5 people. Thus, you can make much more progress in German in a much faster and more effective way with special programs for you to complete 1 course in a classroom.


How Do We Provide German Online Education?

Our one-to-one German private lessons and German group trainings take place in a live virtual classroom environment with your instructor via Zoom. At the same time, with the unlimited German exercise platform, you can do all our exercises such as German grammar, speaking, text production, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, etc. from anywhere at any time!

The online German education we offer you is no different in quality from face-to-face education, thanks to our appropriate materials. Wherever you are in Turkey or around the world, you can join our online German classes.

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German Private Lesson

It is the ideal option to improve yourself in certain areas, especially in German, to make progress quickly and to set a schedule that fits your agenda.

German Online Course

You can study in our open classes consisting of 5-7 people if it is appropriate for your German level and learning goals.

goethe Telc hazırlık

Goethe, Telc Preparation

From A1 level to C1 level, our preparation courses for ÖSD, TELC, GOETHE exams are offered in both private and group lessons.

Dsd hazırlık

DSD 1 and DSD 2 Preparation

Achieve your goals with our DSD 1 and DSD 2 preparation lessons, either private or group lessons


Abitur Preparation

Abitur German and German literature lessons for students of the German High School, Istanbul Boys' High School!

Testdaf için Almanca özel ders

TestdaF Preparation

Lessons for the TestDaF exam, one of the exams you must take before studying in Germany

Do you have more questions about German online?

We answered your questions about our trainers, cancellation and payment terms, content and exam preparations.