IB Germangerman education

Students who aim to study abroad with an IB or GIB diploma are responsible for a total of 6 courses.

Group 1: language and literary studies (language a)
Group 2: language acquisition (language b)
Group 3: Individual and society (social sciences)
Group 4: science
Group 5: Mathematics
group 6: art

Courses in groups 1-5 are compulsory, 6. 6. You can choose to do it as a group (art) or you can take one of the other 5 courses as a supplement. All courses are taught in a foreign language.

At least 3 (sometimes 4) of these courses must be passed with an HL, that is, with a high level. It is sufficient if the other courses have been completed with sl, i.e. standard level. This level determination varies according to the intensity of the program offered by the student’s school. A 240-hour program for the higher level and a 150-hour program for the standard level are required for the IB diploma to be recognized.

German in the IB diploma recognition requirements of German universities

The IB diploma program requires students to have knowledge of 2 languages, one at level a (mother tongue or advanced level) and one at level b (intermediate level). Students who wish to apply to universities in Germany with an IB diploma must complete at least one foreign language course with an HL (high level).

If one of these courses is not in German or if German is not standard level, the student must prove his/her German language proficiency withTESTDAF, DSD 2, TELC – Goethe exams within the application requirements of the university to which the student will apply. Although the expected German language proficiency level depends on the university’s requirements, students who will study for a bachelor’s degree in German are expected to have a German language proficiency of at least B2.

>>>Information about the recognition of the IB diploma in Germany, the application period and the grade calculation can be found on the DAAD website in German or English.

German expectations and syllabus within the framework of GIB in German-medium private high schools

In our country, schools such as İELEV, ALEV and ALKEV offer German and English courses within the framework of GIB (Gemischtsprachiges IB). This IB German syllabus, offered in private high schools with a German course weighting, is designed for 2nd year German students. The group (language acquisition) corresponds to a high level.

For students who will complete the IB German course with a high level, the German curriculum requires at least B2 level German knowledge. In addition to German at this level, students are assessed for IB German proficiency in the following areas

  • Analyzing & analyzing a work of German literature
  • Multiculturalism, as well as the intellectual infrastructure necessary to express their thoughts in written and oral form

How do we support students who aim to study abroad with an IB diploma? How is our course content?

Students who will apply for university abroad with the IB are responsible for this curriculum, and students are supported with German private lessons in parallel with the IB German curriculum, as well as bringing their German to the B2 level.

Reading & analyzing German literary texts according to the German high level syllabus as IB – LANGUAGE B
German text reading, production and vocabulary exercises for the 5 main themes of the IB high level German curriculum
To equip students intellectually with German culture & to guide them with reading suggestions
1 coaching meeting per month with the student and educational coaching with the student, if desired, in addition throughout the process

German Private Lesson

It is the ideal option to improve yourself in certain areas, especially in German, to make progress quickly and to set a schedule that fits your agenda.

German Online Course

You can study in our open classes consisting of 5-7 people if it is appropriate for your German level and learning goals.