We cater to all German needs of German High School, Austrian High School and Istanbul Erkek High School students on their way to German and Abitur or Matura! Because we come from the German school, we know the system in all its details and thanks to our professionalism in the field of German language and literature, we can offer an effective education with our German tutoring programs for German schools, whether 1-1 or in groups of 3-5 people.

First of all, we would like to point out that in German-medium schools such as German High Schools and Austrian High Schools, which follow the German-medium and German-Austrian curriculum, a basic knowledge of German should be acquired as early as the preparatory year. Because after the German preparatory class, the 9-10-11 and 12. In the classes, students will have German lessons in areas such as German text production, German literature and will need to demonstrate skills such as reading comprehension, writing long literary analysis texts.


What do German tutoring programs for German schools aim to achieve and what is their content?

Aimed at the Abitur and Matura, in line with the German, Austrian and Istanbul Boys’ High School curricula, it aims to engage the student verbally in the class and to improve his/her grades. Preparatory and 9th grade German as a foreign language courses. In addition to the German and Austrian literature courses, we also offer German and Austrian literature courses. In particular, these students’ skills such as expressing their thoughts and discussing a topic are practiced within the scope of German oral expression and text production.

Preparatory Classes

German preparatory class students are offered speaking, writing, listening comprehension and vocabulary exercises in accordance with the school curriculum. In order not to have difficulties in German lessons in the following years, a solid foundation in German is given, because 9. After the class, students at the German and Austrian High School are expected to have an advanced knowledge of German. In addition, during the summer we offer additional reading and intensive summer courses in Germany.

9th and 10th Grades

At level B1 and above, reading and comprehension of literary articles, poems and short stories are practiced, all in accordance with the school curriculum. In addition to the student's participation in the lesson with these achievements, it is ensured that the student has a better command of German grammar at levels B1 and above. Both vocabulary and literary analysis skills of the student are developed and German text production studies are carried out. 9. And what is important for Grade 10 students is to be able to express themselves correctly in writing and orally, and also to be able to cope with long texts and create their own analysis texts with the literary knowledge they have acquired.

11th and 12th Grades

Time to prepare for Abitur or Matura! The students are exposed to various types of texts from German and Austrian literature, as well as the history of literature, so that they can easily follow the school curriculum and participate in the lessons. In this period, if there is any deficiency in the student's German grammar foundation and vocabulary, he/she is provided with General German support at C1 level. In school exams and the Abitur/Matura, students are expected to be able to read and comprehend an advanced literary and complex text and analyze it both contextually and literarily. In this respect, the student is provided with the habit of producing texts.

For 17 years we have been providing German private lessons for Abitur and Matura for German schools


Online Lessons for German School Students + Online Abitur & Matura

Why should students waste time on the road when in the German education system they have to deal with busy class schedules? German lessons and Abitur and Matura preparation programs for German, Austrian, Istanbul Boys’ High School students with smart boards, lectures and technology that is no different from face-to-face education are also with our students online with our expert philologist instructor who is a graduate of German High School!

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Here you will find information about the German language and German literature courses for the Abitur and Matura for students of the German High School, Istanbul Boys' High School and Sankt Georg Austrian High School!