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TestDaF preparation programs with success! Whether you want private lessons in German or group German online course optionGet TestDaF exam tactics and experience!
n order to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Germany, you will need to take the TestDaF, which requires an intermediate or higher level of German.

If you only want to study for the TestDaF, you need to know German at least at level B2. If you have not yet reached level B2, we recommend that you further your prior knowledge of German through private or group lessons in general German.

Reading & listening to scientific texts for TestDaF Preparation

This exam proves that you can understand the lectures at a university in Germany with your existing knowledge of German and that you will not have difficulties in everyday life at the university. In this respect, it is important to be able to read scientific texts in German and to understand 70-80% of a native German-speaking academic or scientist’s speech about his/her field. We recommend you to follow German broadcasters such as Deutschlandfunk, Deutsche Welle, Spektrum on a daily basis. In our lessons, we are not limited to the texts in the TestDaF preparation books. We also read and discuss current texts from media outlets like these together.

A study of all parts of TestDaF

TestDaF consists of many sections such as listening comprehension, graph interpretation and analysis, verbal communication of ideas, comprehension of academic texts. In other words, it measures your German language skills in a multifaceted way, including listening, comprehension, text production and reading comprehension. In this respect, the necessary grammar and vocabulary foundation should be provided at the B1 level and work should be done in areas such as text comprehension and production.

Knowledge of German and intellectual background required for written and oral TestDaF

No matter how well you know German, if you don’t have an opinion on a topic, you will not be able to write a text or give a speech about it. To be successful in TestDaF, you need to have an idea of the topics of the questions (for written and oral). This is why intellectual development is so important for TestDaF preparation. We care about sharing and brainstorming with our students about what is happening in the world, the problems of the world (global warming, energy, etc.). TestDaF is not only a language test, it is also a test of thought. In this respect, you need to learn how to express yourself well on an issue and how to prove your thesis logically in German.

What are Online TestDaF Preparation Classes Like?

Text Studies for TestDaF Written Section

TestDaF provides exercises for common word groups. With regular text production activities, the student is ensured to master certain patterns in German texts. We also cover important grammar areas such as the use of conjunctions so that you can express yourself correctly, especially when producing texts. Before writing a text, we always do grammar exercises at the B2-C1 level, such as nounization or verbization, which also affect your vocabulary. We also make the necessary corrections on the texts you write and submit as homework and get back to you.

Goal-Oriented Exercises & TestDaF Resources

In our TestDaF preparation private lessons, academic text readings, graphic interpretation, as well as written and oral exercises based on TestDaF preparation books (Hueber, Klett) are practiced. Exercises like these not only help you build vocabulary but also help you gain fluency in the language. We also offer dozens of TestDaF preparation materials at no additional cost to you as long as you enroll in our TestDaF tutoring or TestDaF online course.

Tactics for the TestDaF Oral Section

The oral part of the TestDaF consists of 7 phases, all with typical questions. Speaking practices related to the world of science and daily university life, such as interpreting graphs, generating ideas about the developments in a given graph, thinking analytically about the future developments on the issue, talking about the advantages and disadvantages of a proposal in a logical way, getting ideas from a friend and giving him/her your opinion and advice on a subject, etc., are practiced a lot in the lessons. For this, not only patterns are given, but support is provided for the student to learn to think analytically.

Online TestDaF Lessons both 1-1 and in group

Our TestDaF preparation classes take place virtually! For 17 years, we have prepared hundreds of students for TestDaF exams. You can now prepare for the TestDaF exams with all the exercises and tactics in a live virtual classroom environment with our trainers who specialize in TestDaF preparation!


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