An online course that helps you improve on the most important parts of the TestDaF exam

Ideal for the last minute

This syllabus takes place online in a live virtual classroom. The 1-Month Compact TestDaF Schreiben Support Program solves your problems with the ‘Schreiben’ section, which is the most difficult part of the TestDaF exam for prospective TestDaF test takers. However, since the Sprechen section of the TestDaF exam covers similar skills, these exercises will not only help you to improve in the writing section, but also in the Sprechen section where it matters most.

1-Month Compact TestDaf Schreiben Targeted Improvement in the Support Program

german educationGrafik Beschreibung: vocabulary, phrases and tips on how to describe a graph in German in a practical way.

Erörterung & Stellungnahme:The focus is on presenting and proving pro and contra arguments in both the oral and written parts of the exam. Proving and disproving thesis through case studies

Crucial grammar: Oral exercises to reinforce important grammar rules that have an impact on texts at the B2-C1 level, making it easier for you to form long sentences and convey your thoughts

Text Production: Each week you will have 1 text assignment, which will be submitted to the instructor via e-mail. The text is checked and feedback is sent back to you and a one-to-one meeting is arranged. Based on your mistakes, additional exercises are provided just for you.

While preparing for TestDaF exams, you can take private lessons with us or join our group lessons. For more detailed information about our TestDaF courses, please see our TestDaF preparation page.