Do you want to work professionally in German-speaking environments or have business relations with German-speaking countries? You can participate in our Business German course programs! All of our Business German classes take place in live online German lessons with instructors who speak German and have professional experience in the German business world.

In our Business German lessons, we teach you typical German phrases that are essential in the business world. In addition, we carry out text readings and listening exercises on the vocabulary required in the business field.

Advance in your career with our business German program, which includes a rich content such as meetings, presentations, correspondence about work, departments and work areas in companies and at the same time introduces you to the business culture in Germany and/or Austria!


How do we progress in our Business German lessons?

We test your prior knowledge of German with our self-developed online German test, which tests your vocabulary and grammar. According to the results of this exam, if you have German knowledge above B1 level, we direct you to our online German tutoring program for your business life or, if available, to our online German courses in open class for business life. If you have a preliminary knowledge of German below B1 level, you can join our German private lessons or group lessons that will help you progress quickly in German. Once you have made some progress, you can join our private or group lessons, which include vocabulary and dialog work on business texts.

If you would like to receive in-house closed group German training from us, you can take a look at our German for Business page.

What is the content of the Business German lessons?

We have standardized private and group lessons for Business German. In addition, since Business German courses can be tailored to groups or individuals within the company, the content can be updated in line with your needs and goals, and some areas of the training can be emphasized.

Our Business German courses are designed to help you use the German language in professional life in the right way. The lessons not only repeat certain phrases and expressions from the German business world, but also share experiences of German business culture. Participants are expected to communicate more confidently and comfortably with their German business partners in German.

For the acquisition of typical expressions and sentence patterns used in areas such as making presentations in German, writing e-mails, marketing in German, communicating with customers in German, we use both our own materials and materials created by distinguished German publishers such as Hueber and Klett for Deutsch für Beruf.


Job description and job interviews, product and company introduction, presentation, graphic interpretation, telephone conversations, dialog with colleagues and customers, daily communication at work


Written communication in business life, text production studies on e-mail and report preparation. Adoption of German patterns used in written communication.


Professions, fields of work, company structure, organization and departments, German business terms

Reading Comprehension

Work on excerpts from German financial magazines and newspapers, if possible with real material from your working life

Language Knowledge

Nebensaetze, Passiv, Konjunktiv I und II, Zeitadverbien, Gerundium, Textbausteine, Wortbildung, Verben mit Praepositionen, Nominalisierung, Verbalisierung


Activities on understanding routine situations and long presentations in business life

German Private Lesson

It is the ideal option to improve yourself in certain areas, especially in German, to make progress quickly and to set a schedule that fits your agenda.

German Online Course

You can study in our open classes consisting of 5-7 people if it is appropriate for your German level and learning goals.

Our German exercise app is a gift for our students!
Practice German 24/7 from wherever you want and progress quickly!

In addition to live lectures and core materials, follow-up on assignments assigned by our instructor via the platform + games, videos via the in-class application

Get plenty of exercise with app support to improve your vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, text production and speaking skills!

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