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You don’t have a lot of time, your agenda is crowded, but do you want to improve your German in a short time and/or do you need support in specific areas of German? Then one-on-one German tutoring is the right option for you! Take German Private Lessons whenever you want, with the instructor you want, according to your goals!

We offer a qualified German education with instructors who are native speakers of German or who speak German at native language level and have the necessary educational experience and equipment.

Both at A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels or TestDaF, DSD1 , DSD 2 We offer online German lessons in preparation for German certification exams such as German. Also Abitur and Matura for German schools!

What do we offer with German Private Lessons?

Move Forward with Live Lessons

Progress effortlessly with 40-minute 1-1 live lessons!

Level Identification

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According to Your Needs

Take lessons with content tailored to your German education needs!

Savings with monthly subscription

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Choose the right trainer for you

With a monthly membership, you can learn with one instructor or with different instructors!

Set your calendar the way you want

Choose the instructor and organize your appointments with the lesson package membership at the intensity you want!

Benefit from all German private lessons

When you buy a monthly membership, you benefit from all courses, not just one type of course!

Plenty of practice with the exercise platform

Plenty of practice with both pdf materials and learning platform

German Private Lesson Now Make an Appointment

Our German private lessons for children and young people as well as adults take place on Zoom with our expert instructors.

  • You can view our German lesson areas on the appointment platform below.
  • After selecting the German private lesson you are interested in, you can access the CVs of our instructors.
  • All our lessons are included in our monthly German private lesson packages.
  • In order to take lessons and get to know us without buying a monthly package from us yet, you can choose ‘Trial Lesson’ and make an appointment for yourself from the calendar of your preferred instructor.

Your German Tutors

Progress with a program according to your needs with our German tutors in different fields

Introducing the Trial Lesson

How about meeting us and determining your needs and level?

Monthly Private Lesson Membership

Various intensity packages of 4, 8, 12, 16 lessons per month

Our German exercise app is a gift for our students!

Practice German 24/7 from anywhere!

In addition to live lectures and core materials, follow-up on assignments assigned by our instructor via the platform + games, videos via the in-class application

Get plenty of exercise with app support to improve your vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, text production and speaking skills!

Almanca özel ders egzersiz platformu

German Levels and Programs

Fast and Effective German Private Lessons
We have lesson programs that cater to your German language level and learning goals! Choose the program that suits your level and goals and start lessons and make progress in much less time than a course!

  • All of our courses take place at our institution or in a live virtual classroom environment.
  • For our courses in Medical German and Business German, you need to know German above B1.
  • For our TestDaF group and 1-1 lessons, a minimum of B2 level German is required.
  • Abitur and Matura courses are organized for students of the German High School, Austrian High School and Istanbul Boys’ High School.
  • We have separate private lessons for students of German-language schools such as Alkev, Ielev and Alev.
  • All of our German classes are for ages 7 and up.
  • In countries such as Germany and Austria, a B2 level is usually required to study for a bachelor’s degree or higher or to continue working.

German Private Lesson Programs for Your Goals


Abitur Preparation

Abitur German and German literature lessons for students of the German High School, Istanbul Boys' High School!

Testdaf için Almanca özel ders

TestdaF Preparation

Lessons for the TestDaF exam, one of the exams you must take before studying academically in Germany

Do you have other questions?

1 How long does the level take?

In German private lessons, you will make rapid progress. According to our lesson plans it is 12-18 lessons but this is just an estimate, so it depends on you!

When can I have German private lessons?

According to your calendar! You can proceed from the booking page above and choose the trainer and times that suit you.

How often should I take lessons?

The more you are surrounded by German the better, so we recommend at least 3-4 lessons a week, especially if you are a beginner.

We answered your other questions about our trainers, cancellation and payment terms, content and exam preparations.

How to Learn German Online?

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