With our strong teaching staff from the German school and 17 years of experience in German language training programs for companies, we offer your organization business-oriented practices in the German language. You can also benefit from our smart solutions for digitalization in education.

For your German for Business training plans, we can create tailor-made solutions for your organization with our classic live virtual classroom training and/or German smart blended e-learning options:

  • Online Live Virtual Classroom: We offer in-house German 1-1 classes or in closed groups, in a live virtual classroom environment, with our expert trainers, using materials from Klett, Hueber, Langenscheidt publications, in the fields of Wirtschaftsdeutsch, Deutsch für den Beruf.
  • Smart Blended E-Learning: With our smart blended e-learning solution developed for the foreign language training needs of globalizing organizations, we offer your employees a training platform that they can access 24/7 from any device and operating system. Our solution can offer your employees 1-1 private lessons, open virtual classes, a course to be completed by logging in regularly, writing, speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation exercises, business-relevant German articles and videos from a single platform.
Classic Live Virtual Classroom Blended E-Learning – Smart Package Blended E-Learning – Expert Package Blended E-Learning – Expert Pro Package
Online Placement There is There is There is There is
Online Needs Analysis There is There is There is There is
Reporting Shared with 1 organization per month Accessible & downloadable 24/7 Accessible & downloadable 24/7 Accessible & downloadable 24/7
1-1 private lesson Yes (autonomous appointment) x x Yes (autonomous appointment)
Live virtual classroom training Yes (private closed group for your company – at fixed times) Yes (open class – autonomous appointment) Yes (open class – autonomous appointment) Yes (open class – autonomous appointment)
Exercises Writing, speaking, listening, reading, grammar exercises from Hueber, Klett, Langenscheidt books + additional FL-Deutsch materials (shared via cloud) Regular course + Grammar + Vocabulary + pronunciation + video & text comprehension exercises Smart features + Writing with feedback & Oral communication exercises via video Expert Features + remote instant coaching

We provide a measurable, traceable and efficient corporate training with a German placement test for organizations and monthly reports during the training. Depending on the needs of your organization, we can also offer a blend of our German training solutions for companies. You can fill out the form below so that we can send a corporate offer:

German Information Request Form for Companies

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