In our DSD preparation classes, students can participate in one-on-one private lessons with our experienced instructors or enroll in our group lessons.
The DSD 1 and DSD 2 exams, which are administered in German-language secondary education institutions such as Ielev, Alev, Alkev, Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School, Istanbul Erkek High School, are exams that require serious preparation and consist of reading, listening, text production and speaking sections. Especially for students who want to study in Germany, the DSD 2 exam is of great importance.

This is a German exam for young people between the ages of 14 and 16. It is carried out by many German-language education institutions, especially Ielev.
DSD 1, just like other German exams, assesses students on 5 skills: writing, speaking, text comprehension and text production. The German level equivalence of the DSD 1 exam according to the CEFR is A2-B1.

Developed for high school students, this exam is of great importance for studying at university in Germany, as it measures levels B2-C1. The DSD 2, like other internationally recognized certification exams in the German language, measures the student’s language skills in 4 main areas.
These levels correspond to advanced linguistic knowledge and mean that the student should be able to express most problems in German in both academic and everyday life, both orally and in writing, without any problems.

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 What is the DSD Preparation Course Content?

The placement test measures the student’s current knowledge of German and determines whether they are at the appropriate level for the DSD. If your knowledge of German is close to the exam objectives, our DSD preparation books and individual exercises will help you get used to the exam.

If there are basic problems in the student’s German infrastructure, the student’s German knowledge is first refreshed and improved with German private lessons.

In the reading comprehension section of the DSD exam, it is very important to know words with close meaning. In the writing section of the DSD, students have the most difficulty with graphic interpretation and writing essays in German. This requires a good foundation of German grammar and German vocabulary. In the speaking part of the DSD, students give a presentation in German on a predetermined topic. We offer our students tips for making presentations in German, all the sentences and word patterns required for oral and written parts.

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary

Typical vocabulary groups from the exams and various exercises on the text are practiced continuously during the lessons. At this point, the focus is on the student having the necessary vocabulary, being able to use these words in their own texts and knowing their synonyms. For this, both a main textbook and additional vocabulary books are preferred. Since the DSD exams also include scientific texts on current topics, it is also important that the student reads current texts appropriate to the level of the target exam.

Text Generation & Speaking

The written parts of the DSD 1 and 2 exams require the production of specific texts. In these texts, there are grammar rules to be used, as well as desirable German patterns in areas such as interpreting graphics and conveying their thoughts. These are acquired in lessons. It is of great importance to use certain expressions both when writing an essay in German and in the German presentation part of the DSD exam.

Sample Examination studies

DSD 1 and 2 preparation books and self-created materials are used to familiarize students with the exam. The areas to be developed are determined by discovering the test sections in which the student is particularly deficient. At this point, it is important for the student to develop his/her own tactics by solving sample exams, to extract the meaning of the word from the content even when there are words he/she does not understand, and to answer the questions by capturing key words in German conversations, especially in listening sections.

Comment from IELEV student preparing for DSD 2

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