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You can prepare for all certification exams of Goethe, Telc, Ösd organizations from A1 to C1 level with both one-to-one private lessons and group trainings for 5-6 people in a target-oriented and relatively short time. For Goethe preparation or Telc preparation, we attach great importance to both a well-grounded acquisition of German and exam-oriented studies. In this respect, all our courses focus not only on grammar but also on 4 basic skills: speaking, reading comprehension, listening comprehension and text production. In these areas, we provide you with a lot of valuable information, such as the use of the necessary expressions and the necessary vocabulary lists so that you can give correct answers.

Are you considering a future in Germany in terms of education or career? Then you need to certify your knowledge of German with exams from Goethe, Telc and ÖSD. In Germany, a language diploma of at least A2 is a prerequisite for understanding your surroundings, and a language diploma of at least B2 is usually required to be accepted by a workplace or educational institution.

Lessons for ÖSD, TELC and Goethe preparation

The Goethe, Telc and ÖSD exams, like most international foreign language exams, focus on the 4 main language skills. (Writing, speaking, listening and reading comprehension).

  • In our German exam preparation classes, you will practice these 4 skills.
  • In order to ensure this development, many resources are provided to improve the student’s vocabulary and to help them cope with sentences that become more complex as the levels progress.
  • In our Goethe preparation courses, all sample tests and exam exercise books from German publishing houses are provided and used free of charge before the exam. Practice tests on all sections of the exam are also given in lessons. In this way, the student quickly gets used to the exam with one-to-one lessons.
  • The question types of Goethe, Telc, Ösd exams are typical. Emphasis is placed on gaining fluency in both written and spoken language by doing special work with main topics such as expressing your thoughts by proving them in oral and written form, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of an idea with examples, expressing your opinion in a debate, talking about your country. Especially at this point, it is important to teach students certain expression patterns.
  • In any case, good grammar is essential for both oral and written expression. In our lessons, we never ignore the rules of grammar. In particular, we address areas such as verbs, conjunctions, passive structure, which many students have difficulty with in German. This kind of knowledge has a particularly important impact on text production.

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Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary

Areas of these exams such as reading comprehension and word filling require a lot of practice. In selective questions, the options usually have close meanings, thus requiring a vocabulary knowledge appropriate to the level of the student. The texts and related questions are presented in a step-by-step progression according to the level of the student and vocabulary development.


In the writing sections of these exams, you are expected to use certain rules and patterns. How actively you use the vocabulary and grammar required by your language level plays a big role. In this respect, studies are carried out that strengthen your vocabulary and grammar infrastructure, create a habit of writing for the exam and teach you to use certain patterns.

Speaking & Listening

The topics of the listening and speaking sections of these exams vary according to level. What the German exams have in common, however, is that they usually focus on expressing opinions and proving a thesis. Listening and speaking exercises in all of the available German exam preparation resources are practiced in the lessons. In addition, various phrase and vocabulary exercises and tips, especially in the speaking section, are provided to ensure the student's progress.

In our Goethe preparation or Telc preparation courses, you will be able to practice for the exam with numerous resources at no additional cost.

Tips about the exam & vocabulary & phrases for the Speaking and Writing sections

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