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Frequently asked questions on this page before joining our German trainings are here with answers. We have tried to provide you with many details such as payments, instructors, German lesson programs, terms and conditions. If you have any additional questions, please see our cancellation and refund policy page or send us a message via the form on our website.

Price and Payments

What are the German course fees?

For information about German course fees, you can view our German online course page.

What are the fees for German private lessons?

Can we pay in installments by credit card?

If you wish to purchase a course through our site, it is not yet possible to pay in installments by credit card. If you want to pay in installments by credit card, there will be a change in the prices we announce on the site. You can send your request for payment in installments by card to info@fl-deutsch.com with the course and/or private lesson package information.

Can we pay by wire transfer / EFT?

We are not yet able to accept payment by wire transfer / EFT payment.

I want to take 3 courses of German, can you give me a discount?

We cannot accept bulk payments for open class german courses. However, we offer discounts to our regular students with a loyalty point system.

Do you offer a refund if I don't benefit from the course or private lessons?

Unless there are ethical or personal problems, we will refund the remaining tuition rights if we have a concrete reason to believe that you have not been able to benefit, even though you have fully participated in the lessons and have done the assignments you have been given and have tried a new lesson plan for at least 3 lessons. Information on additional cancellation and refund conditions can be found here.


Can I get information about your trainers?

All of our instructors are professional German language trainers with international experience. You can view the CVs of our trainers here.

1-1 Can I change instructors in German private lessons?

In the monthly German tutoring package system we offer you, you can view the appointment pages of all our instructors on our platform and make an appointment with the instructor you want. You can continue with a single instructor if you wish, or you can try our other instructors. However, since our instructors create a lesson program according to you in private lessons and will follow it, we recommend that you do not change instructors in order to have an efficient education process unless there is a big problem.

Will I have difficulties in lessons with foreign instructors?

Our German and Austrian trainers are all experienced professionals. They have students of different ages from various countries, so they will help you in the best way when you are challenged. Believe us, after a while you will get used to communicating with someone in a foreign language.

Do your foreign trainers speak English?

All our foreign trainers speak English. If you wish, you can also receive German training from us with English explanations.

Which instructor should I choose for German private lessons?

It depends on your level and your needs. We have categorized the areas in which our trainers have experience in German education as much as possible. You can view our trainers here.

Do you have instructors who are familiar with the curriculum of foreign language schools such as German High School, Austrian High School, IEL?

Yes, we can even say that we started by teaching these students. Since 2005, we have been offering Abitur and Matura courses to students from German High School and Austrian High School. We are intimately familiar with the German language journeys, challenges and needs of these special students. You can check our German lessons for German schools.

German Online Education and Exam Preparation

Do you prepare for German certification exams?

Yes, all our German instructors have experience with German exams.
Preparation for Goethe, Telc, ÖSD exams at all levels
Abitur preparation
TestDaF preparation
DSD preparation
courses. Apart from these, you can write to us on our Whatsapp line for your questions about whether we will provide preparation lessons for a German certificate exam that is not included here.

Do you offer a certificate of German language proficiency?

If you enroll in our German private lessons and courses and attend 90 percent of the lessons, you can receive a certificate of attendance in English and German with an additional 450 TL fee. If you are already attending our courses or private lessons, please send your request to info@fl-deutsch.com.

How can I get an internationally recognized German language certificate?

In order to obtain an internationally recognized German language certificate, you must take and pass internationally recognized certification exams. Apart from this, no other organization is authorized to issue an internationally valid German language certificate for attending the course. If you need a certificate in German, or in other words a language diploma, you need to take the Goethe, Telc, ÖSD, TestDaF, DSD exams and get enough points. You can get the most accurate information from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Do you have German group lessons?

Our German group lessons are available at all levels. We have open classes on our German online course page.

How many students are in your classes?

We aim to offer quality and boutique German education. That's why our classes are really small, the maximum number of participants is 7.

How long does 1 course of German group lessons last?

Because our classes are small and we also offer you a German exercise platform where you can do additional work, you can make rapid progress. But we want to be realistic and even take into account the assumption that you are moving slowly. Each of our online German group lessons lasts 6 weeks. We have live classes twice a week for 120 minutes each. In these courses, for example, we offer a program from level A1.1 to A1.2. In this case, for example, it would take 12 weeks, i.e. 3 months, to go from A1 to A2. This period applies to all levels. But another point we want to convey at this point is the dynamics of the group you are in and the student factor. Your educational background, command of your mother tongue, homework and participation all play a role in the level you will reach.

I am at B1 level, can I attend TestDaF lessons?

You need to have completed level B2 to be able to do TestDaF exercises. If you have a German level below B2, you first need to take regular German lessons according to your level and reach B2 level.

I don't know any German, how long can I reach B2 level with private lessons?

The speed at which you learn German depends on many factors such as your educational background, your learning habits, the time you will devote to German, your homework performance, your class participation, your relationship with languages, especially your mother tongue, your interest in different cultures, your harmony with your instructor, so it would not be right to share clear mathematical data with you.

In German 1-1 private lessons, we offer a lesson program that will aim to progress 1 level in 12-16 sessions, assuming that you will regularly attend classes and do your homework. In this case, it takes at least 4 months to reach B2 level from scratch with German private lessons. During this period, you may make faster or slightly slower progress than expected.

At this point, in order to get the best efficiency at the beginner level, you should take German private lessons at least 3 or if possible 4 times a week, do your homework regularly, attend the lessons and do not take too many breaks.

I don't have time to do homework, can I still move forward?

If you don't have time to do homework and you take 1-2 lessons a week or have long breaks between lessons, it will be difficult to progress. If your lesson intensity is more than 2 times a week, there may be a noticeable improvement. But if you don't do the necessary work yourself, you will be less effective, no matter what the circumstances. Our trainers will find it difficult to implement the syllabus they have designed for you. If you do not do homework, especially in group classes, you may have difficulties adapting to the group.

Do you do a placement test before private lessons or online German group lessons?

Before starting your German private lesson package, of course, we determine your level,
trial lesson
and our instructor provides information about your level. In our German online courses, i.e. our German online group lessons, we rely on your declaration of your current level of German before you enroll in the course.

Which German tutoring package should I choose?

In German private lessons, we aim to complete 1 level (for example from A1 to A2) in 12 lessons. But whether or not you will actually progress by 1 level in that time depends on a number of factors, including your educational background, the intensity of your lessons, your homework and performance, your command of your mother tongue and whether you speak another language. If you are a beginner and are learning German only by taking lessons with us, we recommend that you take German lessons at least 2-3 times even during your busiest times and follow your instructor's recommendations.

My schedule changes every week, can you offer a flexible German lesson program?

If you have a flexible schedule, it would be right for you to choose German private lessons. When you purchase one of the German tutoring packages on our site, you can access all instructors and lessons on your platform. Here you can organize your appointments according to your calendar. You can make a private lesson appointment at least 12 hours before the lesson and cancel or change the lesson time up to 3 hours before the lesson.

What do you offer as material for German private lessons and courses?

We prefer level- and need-appropriate materials from Hueber, Cornelsen, Langenscheidt and Klett. We will send you these materials in pdf or digital version with login details.

In addition, there are also additional materials that our trainers prefer for you. During the lesson, our trainers will also share their own special materials with you if needed.

We also offer you an online exercise platform that you can access from anywhere, download the app on your mobile phone and log in so that you never lose touch with your German practice. From this platform, you can study German anytime and anywhere in a way that suits you and your level in areas such as vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, speaking, listening comprehension, text production. Your trainer can follow all the work you do here and offer you additional exercises.

How is homework checked?

We assign homework in the areas of vocabulary, listening or grammar, both from the books we use and from our additional German exercise platform.

The answer keys to our books are always available to you.

At the same time, on the German exercise platform, your instructor can present your assignments with the answer key open and you can automatically see all your mistakes with the correct answers. You can go over the areas of your assignments that you do not understand with your instructor during the lesson and ask for help during the lesson.

We always provide in-class correction and/or feedback on your assignments for the text production sections of the Abitur, TestDaF or other German exams, including group lessons.

In group classes, we cannot check your assignments or texts that have not been assigned by us, either during or outside the class, in order to avoid disrupting our program and negatively affecting the progress of our other participants.

If you need additional counseling outside of the group courses you are taking
German private lessons monthly memberships
you can also take advantage of the German language training program to fulfill your needs for group extracurricular German language training.

Can the private lessons I take be recorded for me to watch later?

In accordance with personal data laws and for the sake of our privacy, 1-1 private lessons are not recorded. 3. Unauthorized recording of lectures. In case of sharing the recording on people and platforms, all our legal rights are reserved.

If I cannot attend German classes, can I watch the recording?

While we cannot promise you that the lessons will be recorded, in accordance with the rules on the sharing of personal data, the lessons can only be recorded with the written consent of your instructor and the other participants of our online German group lessons, if they have requested a video recording.

Unauthorized recording of our lectures and 3. FL Deutsch will pursue its legal rights in the event of disclosure to persons or platforms.

I don't know my German level, how can I learn?

If you do not know your German level, you can take our German placement test, which will give you quick and predictive results. If you would like to have a placement test covering areas such as speaking, listening comprehension and text production, and to get our instructor's recommendations, you can book a trial lesson here.

The level of my online class is difficult/easy for me, can I change classes?

At least 2 years of the German online course group you are part of. If you have completed the course and if you have problems in terms of level and performance and therefore cannot adapt in the group despite your regular and adequate homework and participation, we can direct you to one of our group lessons that are suitable for your level or will be opened in a while, provided that your instructor confirms that you cannot benefit from German lessons. If we do not yet have a group class for you, or if the start date of the open online German lessons group does not coincide with your German certificate exam date, we can offer 1-1 German private lessons for as many lessons as you are entitled to by submitting your exam application document. If this solution is also not possible due to a situation caused by us, we will refund your remaining tuition without any deduction. All of the above-mentioned solutions and possibilities are only possible if your attendance and homework performance are satisfactory and your instructor approves them.

Do you provide training in German in companies?

Yes, we can offer customized German training for companies. For such requests, you can send an e-mail to info@fl-deutsch.com in order for us to send you presentations and offers.

Where is your place?

  1. As Formula Dijital Eğitim Hizmetleri Ticaret Limited company, our liaison office in Turkey: Acibadem Mah. Çeçen Sokak Akasya Residence A Blok, Apartment 150 Üsküdar istanbul.
  2. Formula Digital Learning LTD is our UK liaison office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ

Do you teach face-to-face?

No, all our German trainings take place digitally.

Is it possible to register for a course and the class does not open? What do you do in this case?

FL Deutsch intends to start the course on the dates announced on the website. However, by registering for the course, you accept the right of Fl Deutsch to postpone the start of the German online course to a later date or to cancel it completely due to force majeure or insufficient number of participants. If the start date of your German online course is postponed, we will inform you via e-mail, phone or Whatsapp. If the course is canceled or postponed by FL Deutsch, we can offer you German private lessons for the amount of the fee you have paid, or we will refund your fee in full within 10 working days.

Do you offer Abitur and/or Matura courses?

Yes, we have been giving lessons for Abitur and Matura for years. In fact, we are one of the limited number of organizations offering courses in this field. You can find detailed information about our Abitur courses here.

Do you teach children?

Yes, we offer both 1-1 German private lessons and online German group lessons for children aged 7 and up with our pedagogically trained German teachers.

Telc or Goethe?

Both exams are required to obtain an internationally recognized German language certificate and are offered at various levels for all age groups, from A1 to C1. But in our opinion as trainers, there is much more preparation material for the Goethe exams than for Telc.

Telc C1 Hochschule or TestDaF?

Definitely the TestDaF exam, because there is a lot more preparation material for the TestDaF and the TestDaF is a B2-C1 level exam, so it might be easier for you. Telc C1 Hochschule is, as the name suggests, at C1 level. In this respect, if you know German at B2 level, it may be challenging for you to prepare for the Telc C1 Hochschule exam without having completed a German education at C1 level.

Papierbasiert or digital TestDaF?

You can choose any of them. The two tests are quite similar. The questions in the reading and listening section of the digital TestDaF (der digitale TestDaF) are longer and more interpretative, while the speaking section of the non-digital TestDaF is longer. In addition, the question samples and preparation books for the digital TestDaF (der digitale TestDaF) are a bit more limited. There are more resources for preparing for the non-digital TestDaF.