Abitur Preparation

Our German Abitur preparation and Matura courses have an educational content that covers German literature and German text production in accordance with the curriculum of the German and Austrian High School and Istanbul Boys’ High School.

These courses should be taught by people with a high intellectual background beyond their knowledge of German, graduates of such schools, and philologists, because this is not just a classical German course. Students should learn strong argumentation, text analysis, literature, philosophy and thinking.

The Abitur and Matura exams are classical written and oral exams that only students from Istanbul Private German High School, Sankt Georg Austrian High School and Istanbul High School for Boys are eligible to take in Turkey.
The most important feature of these exams is that the student has a good ability to analyze in all subjects and perform with a high level of German.

Success in the Abitur and Matura requires particularly good performance in German, English and Mathematics. Especially in language classes, skills such as advanced grammar, vocabulary, reading and comprehension of long texts should be at a high level.

The German language score from the Abitur or Matura plays an important role in choosing a university, click here to find out more about choosing a university in Germany .


What are the Abitur preparation programs like?

Since our instructor profile consists of professionals from the German school, we are proud to offer our students the opportunity to learn about Matura and Abitur preparation. For 17 years we have been supporting them in the best way possible.

German Grammar and Vocabulary

If the student has problems with understanding long and complex literary texts and expressing himself/herself in writing and orally, German grammar and vocabulary strengthening activities are carried out as soon as possible.

Literature Text Reading

During this preparation process, the student needs to read and write a lot. In this respect, the necessary poetry, short stories, etc. from the German literary world. By reading German literature, the student is provided with the habit of reading German literature and vocabulary is developed.

German Literature

Various types of texts such as literary articles, novels, short stories, fables are covered in the lessons. As well as 17. German literature courses have been taught from the turn of the century to the present day.

Written Expression in German

Since the student is expected to write a long analysis text with all this information, written expression exercises are carried out in which the student conveys his/her knowledge of literature.

Online Matura & Abitur Preparation Courses

Why should students waste time on the road when in the German education system they have to deal with busy class schedules? Our German Abitur preparation and Matura preparation courses for German, Austrian, Istanbul Boys’ High School students with smart boards, lectures and technology that is no different from face-to-face education are also with our students online with our expert philologist instructor who is a graduate of German High School!

Our lessons for Abitur Preparation and Matura Preparation

To experience our 1-1 German Abitur private lessons, you can make an online appointment with our German High School graduates. After you make an appointment, all course login information and our placement test will be automatically sent to your e-mail.

Nevra Atan

German philologist, Trainer, ICF and AC accredited Professional Training and Student Coach

He graduated from German High School and Istanbul University German Language and Literature. She then continued her graduate studies in German and English languages at Istanbul University and Ludwig Maximillian University.

For 15 years he has been continuing his career as a trainer. In 2012, she founded Formula Lingua, a training and consultancy firm, where she taught German to many high school and university students and adults. She is also an ICF and AC certified professional education and student coach.

He specialized in Abitur and Matura preparation for German High School, Istanbul Boys’ High School, Austrian High School students with his strong German and literary knowledge. He has prepared many university students and professionals who want to settle in Germany for the TestDaf exams. And in his story from Turkey to Germany, there are hundreds of people who have shaped his career.