German for doctors, or German for medicine, is exactly what you are aiming for! You are a doctor and want to work in Germany? In order to continue your professional life in Germany and to be able to communicate with patients, you need to have an intermediate level of German or above.

And of course you must also pass the B2 exam! With our Medical German programs you can achieve this!

Here’s how we progress in German lessons for doctors:

  • If you speak German, we will first give you a German placement test online.
  • If your German level is above B1, we can start our Medical German program. If you have not yet reached level B1, that’s okay,
    German online tutoring
    and you can reach this level in a short time!
  • You can take our German lessons for doctors either one-to-one or in closed or open classes.
    Our online German courses
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German for Healthcare Professionals

  • It is a program that aims to improve both your written and spoken German skills and to use your German easily in the business environment, accompanied by German publishing houses specializing in German for foreigners such as Hueber and Klett, as well as our own materials.
  • In order to practice medicine in Germany, it is important that you have a B2 certificate. In order to reach B2 level, you can take private lessons or group lessons. In all our German lessons, we practice speaking, listening, reading comprehension and writing for the German certificate exams. If you have a basic German grammar problem, we offer a wealth of resources and plenty of exercises.

How are we progressing in Medical German (German for health professionals) classes, what is the content?

Since all of our programs can be designed specifically for individuals and groups, the content can be updated in line with your needs and goals, and some areas of education can be emphasized. From dialogues with patients to conference speeches, our program aims to improve your communication skills in German:

Oral Communication

Examination, case presentation, lecture, dialog with patients and colleagues.

Written Communication

Written communication exercises for the B2 exam for doctors


Anatomy, diseases, treatments, medicines / drugs, laboratory personnel and supplies in the medical field, technical terms

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension exercises for the B2 exam

Grammar Studies

Passiv, Konjunktiv I und II, Zeitadverbien, Gerundium, Textbausteine

Listening Exercises

Understanding routine situations and longer presentations

Check out all our German Online Lessons

German Private Lesson

It is the ideal option to improve yourself in certain areas, especially in German, to make progress quickly and to set a schedule that fits your agenda.

German Online Course

You can study in our open classes consisting of 5-7 people if it is appropriate for your German level and learning goals.

Our German exercise app is a gift for our students!
Practice German 24/7 from wherever you want and progress quickly!

In addition to live lectures and core materials, follow-up on assignments assigned by our instructor via the platform + games, videos via the in-class application

Get plenty of exercise with app support to improve your vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, text production and speaking skills!

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Free German Placement Test

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