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Is it difficult to learn German?

No, it is not. Before asking if it is difficult to learn German, we need to discuss the basic principles of German. Learning German is not difficult, but we have to say that you need to put in some effort to learn German. For this, let’s take a look at German.

We have compiled some preliminary information for you about learning German and the characteristics of the German language:

It sounds like Turkish!

Native Turkish speakers are quite lucky in German pronunciation and pronunciation. There are not many vowels or consonants next to each other in German, and since there are always vowels between consonants, it is quite easy to read. Apart from a few rules to learn and a few sounds to get used to, German is not at all complicated in terms of pronunciation!

leben (to live) = lebın
die Küste (coast) = küste

It’s easier if you speak English, but don’t be fooled!

English and German are closely related languages, so it is quite possible that you will understand some of the grammatical rules and some of the words will be familiar to you. But there are definitely different rules and vocabulary in German, for example, there are quite a lot of derived and compound words, in summary, although German is similar to English, there are points where it differs in terms of grammar rules and vocabulary.

Grammar rules are not complicated!

is german difficultGerman grammar has rules that must be emphasized in lessons at beginner and intermediate levels. Depending on the verb you use, the article of the word may change, and the order of the sentence elements is something to pay attention to. But after mastering the basic grammar rules of German, it is quite easy for you to make proper sentences, German is a language whose grammar rules are very logical!

Don’t worry about articles

The articles may be a little intimidating, but it is a situation that you will definitely get used to after you start learning German. By the way, the saying ‘even Germans don’t know the article’ is unfortunately just a myth, unfortunately they all know it very well 🙂

There are very good resources

Germany is still Turkey’s best trading partner, has been for a hundred years! And the German economy is one of the strongest in the world, so there is no shortage of people in the world who want to learn German for education and work. As a result, there is a lot online about learning German, and many good publishing houses also have professionally prepared materials on different areas of German (e.g. Deutsch für den Beruf or ÖSD Prüfung).

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